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How it Works

If there’s one thing we’ve come to understand in the digital age, it’s this: Businesses need to be in front of their customers eyes all the time to increase engagement and boost conversations.


How? By placing your trust in the QMM team; using Q-Zone technology to amplify brand awareness with instant results.


Where? Across high-traffic environments such as major sporting arenas, universities, malls, airports, and more.


When? We instantly place your brand into the palm of your audience’s hands through permission-based technology. No more apps. No more setbacks. QMM is here, and it’s here to stay.


Immediate Interaction. Instant Gratification.

Traditional marketing techniques can only do so much. Expand your horizons by empowering consumers with the ability to instantly interact and engage with your brand – anywhere, anytime.


Reach more people than ever before

Sure, word-of-mouth is great. Most apps rely on it. However, igniting the chain reaction you seek isn’t easy. QMM has taken one small step for mobile, and one giant leap for mobile marketing – placing your products/services in front of the right people, at the right time. The idea is to place your marketing efforts on autopilot – even when you’re asleep. Should a consumer enter a “Q Zone”, they’ll know about it; receiving exciting offers and more from your business.


Finding (and keeping) your audience

Attention spans are dropping, and demand for instant gratification is rising. It’s vital to keep your audience engaged, which is why QMM rewards consumers throughout each stage of the shopping process – from merely gazing at an ad to waltzing into the store and swiping their card. It’s a win-win all around. Your audience gets better deals, and you get better customers who won’t be able to resist coming back for more.


Powerful, proven techniques & tracking

Billboards, posters and other conventional marketing techniques come and go in the eyes of consumers. QMM targets your audience through the one thing they never leave home without – their mobile device. By prompting them whenever they enter a highly-active shopping environment, we can cleverly guide them in a one-way direction to your store’s door. What’s more, you’ll be able to monitor their every move thanks to real-time analytics, customer response data and review statistics; delivering invaluable insights into customer behavior. Our adverts continue to follow the consumer even once they’ve exited the Q Zone. There’s no better way to understand your market and make more informed marketing decisions. The result? More sales, more loyalty, and more ROI. Continuous improvement = uncontainable growth.


Unique. Universal. Unified.

Our seemingly complex mobile marketing strategies are actually refreshingly simple. Schedule your consultation to discover more, or click here to view an eye-opening demo now. We’re ready to connect you to a receptive audience – cash in hand. Don’t keep them waiting.

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